About the program


Finding Species offers volunteer opportunities in many of its own projects as well as in projects of its Conservation Network members. Opportunities include field experience in a variety of areas: species photography, environmental education, scientific research in the outdoors, and data collection.

This program is designed for individuals and groups who would like to help protect endangered species and habitats, visit beautiful places in a tropical country, and learn about life in Ecuadorian communities.

It is open to all interested in contributing to environmental conservation and advancing best practices. Volunteers learn and develop new skills, increase their field experience, and participate in activities to preserve species, their habitats, and the people who depend upon them.


Our Conservation Network

Finding Species coordinates the activities of a new network of independent reserves and projects in all of the ecosystems throughout Ecuador.

This network serves as a platform for the exchange of information, materials and experiences; increases efficiency in research and volunteering; and creates new ties among local groups. Moreover, the participating institutions benefit from Finding Species’ skills in photography and the promotion of their activities.

From the high-mountain prairies down to the coral reefs, Finding Species is supporting conservation and sustainable development efforts at every level.

You can find out more information about the projects by clicking on ¨Our Conservation Network¨